We are two guys from Latvia (Kristaps - 18 and Uldis - 20), that will be going backpacking this summer. We are starting our major journey on 20th of July, when we  fly from Riga, Latvia to Cologne, Germany, where our trip will start. We plan to explore Europe first and then save up money for tickets to New Zealand.
Also we want to show people that you can travel on budget, so for accommodation we will be using ''Couch surfing'' and for situations when no one will accept us on ''Couch surfing,'' we will be staying in random locations in tents. For transport we will walk and hitch hike, to earn money we will be busking (playing ukulele on the streets). Of course we aren't leaving without any money, we plan to take with us 200EUR each, which will be only used for emergencies.

How long will we be backpacking?
We don't have a specified time for how long we will be away. It depends for how long we will be staying in Europe, and if everything goes well, then 1,5 years are a minimum.

Which countries will you be visiting?
As I mentioned, we are arriving in Germany on 20th of July, and then we plan to backpack trough France to Spain and Portugal, but it all might change. We will be adding a voting poll soon, so You can vote what countries should we visit.

How did you decide to go backpacking?
Well we both had it in us for a long time, we both talked about it, but it never was serious. So one day, we started talking what to study after high school and we both had no idea what we want to do with our lives, the only thing that came to our minds was traveling. At first we thought that it isn't possible and it requires a lot of money, but by browsing the web we came across on a Latvian Youtube channel - Wild Bananas Trip, after we both watched all they're videos of backpacking Europe, we knew that it really is possible to travel on a budget. So we started to plan our own backpacking trip, one thing lead to another, we ordered tickets, and started all of our social media pages,  and now we are here, writing our first blog post.

Who really are you?
We are two friend from a small town in Latvia. We became friend in I believe that it was third grade, and ever since we sticked together.
Here are our private Facebook pages :

Kristaps -

Uldis -

Also more information from us.

If you have any questions, tips etc. for backpacking we would love to hear them, you can contact us trough social media, or the ''Contact form'' on the right side.
If we will have a lot of questions we will be doing a Q&A. Also help us grow and share our pages on social media.

I think that's it for this post, bye.

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Take me with you T.T I think you two are really inspirational for everyone who has deams of exploring and enjoying life. Keep it up and good luck!

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